Over the last few decades, Majid & Chen has evolved into a Law Firm which provides a comprehensive range of services to a broad spectrum of clients from private clients to large corporations. The core values of the Firm have always focused on surpassing in professionalism, integrity along with high quality work. In its uninterrupted pursuit of novelty, success and fineness in providing quality legal services in this challenging era of globalization, Majid & Chen recognizes that certain values are timeless and must be conserved in any case, for it is this pledge to professionalism, honour and eminance, which has sustained the Firm over the years, setting it apart from competitors."


The firm is covered by Professional Indemnity Insurance up to a limit of Ringgit Malaysia Ten Million and One Hundred Thousand (RM10,100,000.00) Only for year 2013.

Call Us @ Klang -  (6)(03) 33420811   Subang Jaya - (6)(03) 56345528  Kuala Lumpur - (6)(03) 22823515

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